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Nanotechnology Used to Combat Heart Disease

(Digital Journal) – Nanomedicine represents one of the most promising areas of medical technology. In a new application, researchers have used nanoparticles to address the effects of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition where an artery-wall thickens as a result of invasion and accumulation of white blood cells and proliferation of intimal-smooth-muscle cell creating a fibrofatty plaque. The condition can lead to a heart attack, as a result of a blood clot which blocks the blood supply to the heart. To help deal with the disease, researchers have developed special nanoparticles. These particles are designed so that, when they make...

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America Has Bacteria Resistant To All Antibiotics Now Biotech

That’s why scientists are concerned: these pieces of DNA called plasmids can be exchanged between bacteria, passing it on to different bugs and creating new virulent strains that could prove deadly and impossible to treat. Georgiou says, eventually, bacteria will always become resistant to antibiotics. Mcr-1 caused a public health panic in China past year, when it was found in both livestock and people. The bacteria has also been found in Europe and Canada. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of mcr-1 in the US”. It was only a matter of time before colistin...

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Successfully Lab-Tested 3D Bioprinter for Stem Cells.

(3D PI) – NESS ZIONA, Israel, May 25, 2016 – Nano Dimension Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: NNDM), a leader in the area of 3D Printed Electronics, today announced it has successfully lab-tested a proof of concept 3D Bioprinter for stem cells. The trial was conducted in collaboration with Accellta Ltd., a company headquartered in Haifa, Israel, that has developed proprietary technologies for the unique production of high quality media, stem cells, progenitors and differentiated cells for drug discovery, regenerative medicine and research. The feasibility study, conducted in Q2 2016, confirmed that the combined know-how and technologies of the companies enabled printing of viable stem cells using an adapted 3D printer. “3D printing of living cells is a technology that is already playing a significant role in medical research, but in order to reach its full potential, for the field to evolve further, there is a need to improve printing speeds, print resolution, cell control and viability as well as cell availability and bio-ink technologies,” said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension. “By combining our high speed, high precision inkjet capabilities with Accellta’s stem cell suspension technologies and induced differentiation capabilities led by a world-renown group of experienced engineers and scientists, we can enable 3D printing at high resolution and high volumes.” The companies will consider the formation of a new entity for these future solutions and do not intend to...

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In The Future This Tiny Robot Will Operate On You From The Inside

(HUFF POST) – When you think of the word operation the first thing you’ll probably visualise is a person being cut open on an operating table. Well in the future, operations could look very different. Scientists at MIT, the University of Sheffield and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new type of origami robot which can transform into a ‘microsurgeon’. The astonishing little robot is actually made of dried pig intestine which is then folded up like an accordion inside a dissolvable pill. You ingest the tiny robot as you would a normal pill. Once it reaches...

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Tent Camping Could Lead to Flame Retardant Exposure

(ACS) – For campers, nothing beats sleeping in a tent in the great outdoors. But scientists are finding out the air inside tents might not be as fresh as people think. A study appearing in Environmental Science & Technology has found that flame retardants used in the manufacturing of tents are released in the air within this enclosed space, which could lead to campers breathing them in. Millions of Americans go camping every year to escape urban and suburban crowds and to reconnect with nature. They might not be aware, however, that many tents sold in the United States...

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