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Vertical Farming: Eliminating Growing Seasons and Supporting Locals

(Reuters) – The world’s largest vertical farm aims to feed the masses in urban centers by controlling the pain points of agriculture and eliminating seasons and transport costs. Sharon Reich reports. Odds are this isn’t like other farms you’re used to. Located in a warehouse in an urban New Jersey neighborhood, Aerofarms grows crops year-round without using soil or sunlight. The company has an ambitious goal: to grow high-yielding crops using economical methods that will provide locally sourced food to the community. DAVID ROSENBERG, CEO OF AEROFARMS: “We need a new way to feed our planet. Aerofarms presents one...

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Diabetes Drug Could Eliminate Insulin Injections

(Reuters) – Israeli firm Oramed says insulin pill succeeds in mid-stage type 2 diabetes trial and if successful in next phase could make daily insulin injections a thing of the past. Sharon Reich reports. More than 400 million people around the world suffer from diabetes. Until recently it was thought that Type 2 diabetes was an adult onset condition. However, the WHO says it’s now occurring increasingly in children too. So news that Israeli drugmaker Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc has developed an experimental oral insulin that safely reduces night-time blood glucose levels in type 2 patients is promising. Oramed’s chief...

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Could 3D Printing Replace Plaster Casts?

(Reuters) – Mexican inventors have created a prototype medical cast using 3D printing, that they believe could potentially end the need for cumbersome plaster casts. Sharon Reich has more. Move over plaster cast. There’s a new 3-D printed cast on the block, which means your days may be numbered. The NovaCast was created by Mexican start-up Mediprint and uses an open, 3D-printed, plastic framework. Each 3D-printed cast is custom-made to the exact measurements of the fractured part of the body, which developers say improves recovery time. CO-FOUNDER OF MEDIPRINT, ZAID MUSA BADWAN PERALTA: “It’s lighter than the traditional cast....

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Pain-Free Ultrasonic Device Measures Brain Pressure

(Reuters) – Lithuanian scientists pioneer an ultrasonic device to safely and painlessly measure brain pressure. Amy Pollock reports. Measuring pressure inside the skull has meant risky brain surgery under anaesthetic. Now Lithuanian scientists have developed an ultrasound device to do the job much more gently. PROFESSOR AND HEAD OF TELEMATICS (BIOMEDICINE) LABORATORY AT KAULAS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, ARMINAS RAGAUSKAS: “The device consists of just three parts: first of all it is ultrasonic Doppler blood flow meter, which measures blood flow in ophthalmic artery and of course computer and some mechanical parts to fix ultrasonic transducer on to the face...

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US Bid to Grow Human Organs for Transplant Inside Pigs

(BBC) – Scientists in the United States are trying to grow human organs inside pigs. They have injected human stem cells into pig embryos to produce human-pig embryos known as chimeras. The embryos are part of research aimed at overcoming the worldwide shortage of transplant organs. The team from University of California, Davis says they should look and behave like normal pigs except that one organ will be composed of human cells. The human-pig chimeric embryos are being allowed to develop in the sows for 28 days before the pregnancies are terminated and the tissue removed for analysis. See...

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