(THE VERGE) – Oculus VR wants you to know that virtual reality can be a medium for serious film and documentaries, and it’s first high-profile project, Nomads, is ready for public viewing on the Gear VR. Created by Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël, the duo behind Montreal-based VR studio Felix & Paul, Nomads takes you to three distinct parts of the planet to embed viewers in the fabric of a foreign lifestyle. You can explore the Mongolian steppes with a group of yak herders, visit the Maasai tribe in Kenya, and travel the Malay Archipelago with Borneo’s Bajau tribe.

Chapters of the trilogy, each of which are around 12 minutes in length, have already screened at film festivals like Sundance and Tribeca. But the full series is available now as an exclusive on Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Felix & Paul Studios has had a deal with Oculus since last year to create VR content, and so far it’s done so mostly in a marketing context. The duo released a 12-minute 360-degree video showing fans the training regimen and daily life of LeBron James in December. They also created tailored VR experiences for films like Jurassic World.

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