(TECH CRUNCH) – Sad, mad, glad, confused about the presidential race so far? Well, if you are really lost on who to vote for, IBM may have a solution, depending on your mood.

Watson Elections, one of the surprisingly few political applications for IBM’s supercomputer, debuted on stage this morning at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Hackathon in Brooklyn, New York to help us decided the best candidate fitting our feelings.

If you are angry and disgusted right now, you may want to go for Donald Trump. A little less angry and just sadder fits a vote for Bernie Sanders.

Of course, if you are really happy right now, Trump also fits the bill.

Watson Elections uses natural language processing based on what each candidate said in the press to determine their overall mood. Hillary Clinton seems to be on the low end of all feelings, with much more neutral language, for example.

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