(Reuters) – The concept of life after death is being given new meaning with a hi-tech invention which allows you to closely monitor the growth of a tree planted using the ashes of a loved one. Edward Baran reports.

A hi-tech invention will allow you to track and monitor the growth of a tree — planted using the ashes of a loved one.

It’s developers say it gives new meaning to the idea of life after death.

Two brothers from Catalonia have already launched a biodegradable urn which allows you to plant seeds using a mixture of soil and ashes.


“I always remember one really beautiful sentence from one of our testimonials, from Chris Parker, from California and she told us that her mom had terminal cancer and she was about to die and she told us, ‘the day I see the first sprout coming up it would be like she’s back.’ And that’s totally what we look for, that’s totally why we are doing our work.”

Now Gerard and Roger Moline have taken their idea a step further with an app-controlled ‘incubator’ called the Bios Incube.

The growth cycle of the tree as well as the temperature, water needs and humidity levels can be accessed by a user anywhere using the app on a phone or tablet.


“The concept is life after life. We feel that death is a construction of the human mind, if I’m allowed to say that. We believe that, when we think about death, we are kind of scared, a taboo, nobody wants to talk or go deep into what it is. And we feel that death, what we call death, is just a change in the human life.”

…a change that can now be closely followed using wireless technology.

Bios Urn offers a variety of tree types including oak, maple and pine.

Prices for the urn and Bios Incube combined start at 550 US dollars.