(EXTREME TECH) – Solar power is headed everywhere these days, from the rooftop of your home to the sky above it, to orbital space above that, even stretching all the way into your local Ikea. Yet even if we use every available foot of rooftop for solar, it still can’t provide more 40% of our needs, while space-based rigs are expensive and far-out at least. Where are we going to put our solar farms? The African or Australian desert would be nice place to generate power, but that’s too far from the people who want to actually buy said power. However, most people in the world do live in a country that borders on a biggest, flattest plain of all: the ocean. Why not just use that?

One big reason that solar has to sit on big seas platforms — oceanic wind farms, in which single pillars support single turbines, are much more easily secured. A solar sea platforms needs to remain reasonably stable in its entirety and, worse, it’s not even allowed to get smashed to pieces by the waves. They need to be able to stand up to the unique problems associated with the surface of the ocean. If we’re going to actually build these things, then they also can’t be as expensive as deep sea oil rigs.

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