Floatti, the smart suitcase packed with features, including a tracking system, digital scale, the first ever smart suitcase handle to control devices, and much more, has more than doubled its crowdfunding goal. Floatti has raised over $217,000 with more than three weeks remaining in its Kickstarter campaign.


Accomplishing a feat that only elite campaigns have done in the past is a credit to Floatti industrial designer Andrea Ponti. “From our extensive studies, we knew consumers have been looking for a suitcase like this, and we’re so happy they found it with Floatti. It will transform the way travelers get to their destinations with its functional and stylish design.”

Floatti was created to be the most functional and stylish suitcase ever made – loaded with every feature a traveler could ever want and need. The Floatti smart suitcase handle provides touch controls allowing travelers to keep connected to their smartphones, make calls, access maps and send messages, simply by touching the handle. Floatti is also equipped with an SOS alarm, which can be set off at the touch of a button – also from the suitcase smart handle.

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