(Reuters) – This humanoid robot could one day be giving you directions.

Hitachi’s latest offering EMIEW3 is designed to guide railway passengers to their trains, hospital visitors to the right patient, and even allow office workers to track down just wherever it is that Maureen in accounts sits.

Its developer says the EMIEW3’S light-weight design makes it perfect for the task.


“This robot is 60 centimetres high and weighs only 15 kilograms and has quite a compact body. Added to that, we redcued the data downloads needed for it to operate by making it work with the wifi network.”

Hitachi plans to sell the robot commercially but hasn’t yet decided on a price.

Its makers says EMIEW3 can speak to people in multiple languages, though only one at a time.

If it’s knocked over by a customer, it’s programmed to be able to get back up on its own feet.

The robot is due to hit the market in 2018.